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March 2014

Just launched

February 2014


Fabric marker, dirty eyeglass case


Lost specimen, drawing on paper, 60"x80".

November 2013

Margin Release

Brighton, England. Drawing on crumpled paper, 46"x54".

July-September 2013

For Jamie

Sessions 4, 3, 2, 1 (swipe)

March 2013

Lost Specimens

Each day for the month of February 2013 I documented species that never existed.

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December 2012

A little bit of meeting ink

June 2012

The irony makes it ok.

A new book of pen drawings of fabricated flora & fauna I've been working on called "Lost Specimens" was truly lost June 5th when my purse was stolen in Paris. Here were 2 of the 6 drawings.

June 2009

Par hasard (by chance)

A commission completed in 2009. Acrylic and lottery tickets on canvas.